How the West is Confused About NTR and Ram Charan’s Surnames in RRR

Last Modified on 5th January, 2023

How the West is Confused About NTR and Ram Charan’s Surnames in RRR


SS Rajamouli’s latest magnum opus, RRR, has been turned out to be an unprecedented
phenomenon, not only in India but also all over the world. The performances of NTR and Ram
Charan have been widely appreciated by viewers, critics and even Hollywood directors and
technicians alike. However, it seems that while the West is lauding the film and its actors, they are
getting confused about their surnames.

The Global Phenomenon of RRR

It is no exaggeration to say that RRR has become a global phenomenon. After many decades, India
finally has a shot at getting nominated for or even winning an Oscar. This feat can largely be
attributed to SS Rajamouli’s vision for the movie as well as incredible performances from NTR and
Ram Charan. Their performances have made waves across the globe and have been highly praised by
many Hollywood directors and technicians.

Confusion About Rao & Charan

However, the West is having difficulties with understanding their surnames. It seems that many are
assuming Rao is the surname of NTR while Charan is the surname of Ram Charan! Although this
confusion may seem silly on the surface level, it speaks to how little knowledge most Westerners
have about Indian culture and customs. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding could lead to some
unintentional mistakes being made if RRR were ever to get nominated for or win an Oscar.
All in all, regardless of any confusion regarding their surnames in the West, both NTR’s performance
as Komaram Bheem as well as Ram Charan’s performance as Alluri Seetharamaraju were standouts
in SS Rajamouli’s latest masterpiece RRR. Reports suggest that chances are at an all-time high for any
Indian film for it to get nominated for an Oscar; let’s keep our fingers crossed! We hope that if this
happens then there won’t be any issues due to misunderstandings about their surnames!​


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