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About Us

Celebberry is a dedicated blog created by a group of Individuals who promised to provide the correct information on all celebrity life, health, the amazing world, art & culture, movies, sports, and many more. This website helps people to read and follow the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities, amazing personality, and different place in the world.

We provide information on art, cultural trends, photo galleries, travel, sports as well as entertainment news, and gossip that our readers seek. Our team is working in the field of entertainment for years, we again decided to establish a new concept website.  Celebberry is a pretty new-styled website that has a complete package of entertainment, and a good source of pieces of information.

Celebberry has gained all the needed exposure which motivated us to move further and to do what we do. Our dedicated team of writers and editors, SEO expert, and digital marketing expert are working hard to provide correct information to valuable readers. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a media entity who at their best try to deliver factual information. Our team also tries not to mislead our readers by publishing a good quality content every day.

The vision of Celebberry.com


Celebberry.com aims to provide you with the latest celebrity news, art & culture, health, article, and many more. Our teams are with you to serve all the juicy celebrity information, tv shows, movie, sports, articles, and amazing world.  much more!

With the support of our readers and valuable audiences, Celebberry will become one of the world’s leading entertainment sites in the coming days. If you have any questions regarding the site, its content, and any mistake made mistakenly, please always feel free to get touched with our 7/24 support teams.