Shah Rukh Khan Celebrates Aryan Khan’s Bollywood Debut

Last Modified on 5th January, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan Celebrates Aryan Khan’s Bollywood Debut

Aryan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

On Tuesday night, Aryan Khan made an exciting announcement—his script is ready and he’s ready
to make his Bollywood debut. His proud father, Shah Rukh Khan, was quick to comment and
expressed his happiness for his son. Let’s take a look at what this momentous occasion means for
both Aryan and Shah Rukh.

Aryan’s Exciting News

The news of Aryan’s Bollywood debut has been highly anticipated by fans of the Khan family. After
all, it was only recently that the star kid took up directing as a profession after completing his film
studies from the University of Southern California (USC). Now, with the script being finalized, we can
expect Aryan to soon make an official announcement about his directorial venture.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Reaction

Shah Rukh Khan is nothing but proud of his son’s accomplishments. He took to Instagram and
commented on Aryan’s post with “It always special when u say ACTION! Love You! Be Happy & keep
working hard baby.” It looks like there are endless possibilities ahead for this young filmmaker!

Though Aryan may be making a name for himself in directing, it isn’t too long ago that Suhana Khan
made her acting debut in theatre productions in London. She is also pursuing her acting dreams and
while she and her brother have taken different paths towards success in Bollywood, they both have
one thing in common—the guidance of their beloved father Shah Rukh Khan.

Aryan Khan is making headlines as he prepares for his debut directorial project in Bollywood. Fans
are thrilled that a new addition to the family business is about to join them very soon! With the
guidance of Shah Rukh Khan no doubt helping him along every step of the way, we can expect some
incredible projects from this budding filmmaker! We wish him all the best!


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