Pakistan Ex-Prime Minister-Imran Khan has survived a Gun Attack!

Last Modified on 23rd November, 2022

The country’s former Prime Premier, Imran Khan , has been able to escape a gun assault on the convoy of his organizing a protest in the city’s eastern part that is Wazirabad.

Imran Khan was injured in the leg after an explosion of gunfire struck the vehicle. One person was killed, while at least five other people were wounded.

The Internet has not provided an official statement on the motive behind the attack that allies believe was an attempt at assassination.

Protest marches were called to demand that elections be held earlier. Mr. Khan 70 years old was the leader of the march, which was planned to conclude in the capital Islamabad. A former world-class cricketer was spotted being transported to an emergency room located in Lahore. An official from the party said that the man was struck by a hind shin.

He was in a good state, but surgery was possibly the case, according to aides. A police officer has released the confessional video of an individual they arrested, who, according to them, attempted to murder the former premier.

It’s not clear under what circumstances the interview was conducted however, in the interview, the man is questioned by police about the reason the gunman opened fire. He responds: “He was misguiding the people. I wanted to kill him. I tried to kill him. ”

On on the BBC’s World Service’s Newshour program, an aide to the senior level in the office of Mr Khan has accused of the Pakistani administration of having been “directly involved” in the attack.

Raoof Hasan dismissed the video confession of the government as an “crude cover-up” and said the government was “attempting to eliminate [ Imran Khan] physically”.

The BBC has reached out to the Pakistani government to discuss the allegations.

Videos from the incident depict the alleged gunman, Mr. Khan, and his aides on the side of a shipping container that is being pulled by a truck before an explosion of gunfire is heard. Mr. Khan can be seen ducking as his companions try to shield him.

The video also shows a conscious Mr. Khan with a bandage placed on his right leg. He was taken away by a vehicle following being shot.

An official from the PTI group is seen wearing an abrasion on his face, and blood on his clothes saying that the public should pray for Mr. Khan as well as all the people who have been injured.

The current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has condemned the shooting and called for an immediate inquiry. President Arif Alvi has said that the shooting was a “heinous assassination attempt”.

A journalist from the local area, Zoraiz Bangash who witnessed the shooting told BBC: “It all started when [Mr.] Khan was in charge of the rally. All suddenly, there were gunshots being fired. At that point, we realized that there was an individual with a pistol with a 9mm gun and then the gunman fired a few shots that ended up hitting certain members of the PTI members and also the leader of the PTI, [Mr] Khan who was wounded on the leg.

“And the person was arrested by a PTI fan who was right next to him. The suspect was taken into custody and removed. ”

Imran Khan has been leading a protest march which is the second protest of this kind this year – over the past seven days in support of an election on a new basis.

It has been repeatedly announced that the government will conduct elections in the coming year, in line with the plan.

Last month, the election commission of Pakistan disqualified Mr. Khan from public office in a matter that was described by the former world-class cricketer as being politically motivated.

He was accused of omitting to declare the details of gifts received from foreign dignitaries, as well as proceeds from their supposed sale. The gifts included Rolex watches along with a ring and set of cuff links.

Pakistan has a long and violent history of violence in the political arena.

One of the more prominent incidents was the former Premier Benazirbhutto was killed at a large public gathering in 2007.


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