Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond: From Nazi War Criminal to Iconic Actress

Last Modified on 5th January, 2023

Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond: From Nazi War Criminal to Iconic Actress

Elizabeth Taylor' s Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood queen, renowned for her beauty and talent. Most famously, she
had a stunning collection of diamonds given to her by her husband/ex-husband Richard Burton.
However, it has recently come to light that one of these diamonds, the Asschercut stone, was owned
by Vera Krupp, the ex-wife of Nazi war criminal Alfred Krupp. Let’s explore this story further.
The Asschercut stone is an impressive diamond which weighs 33.19 carats and is described as having
a unique shape reminiscent of a “pillowed square” It was purchased by Richard Burton for $305,000
in 1968 and presented to Elizabeth Taylor as a gift on their second wedding anniversary. The
diamond was eventually renamed “The Taylor-Burton Diamond” after being worn at many events by
the iconic actress.

Nazi Connections

It wasn’t until recently that it came to light that before being owned by the Taylors, this diamond
had been owned by Vera Krupp—the ex-wife of Nazi war criminal Alfred Krupp. After World War II
ended, Krupp became rather wealthy due to his family business selling weapons and armaments
during the war. His wife used some of this money to purchase luxurious items such as artworks and
jewelry pieces like the Asschercut stone; she even named it “Krupp”

Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy

It is quite ironic that an item so closely linked to Nazi history would end up in the hands of one of
Hollywood’s most iconic actresses—but that’s exactly what happened with the Asschercut stone!
Despite its past owners, today it serves as an example of Elizabeth Taylor’s glamour and beauty–and
has been featured in numerous exhibitions honouring her memory.
In 1968 actor Richard Burton bought a 33 carat diamond called the Asschercut for his then wife
Elizabeth Taylor – but little did anyone know that it had once belonged to Vera Krupp – ex-wife of
Nazi war criminal Alfred Krupp! This history makes for an interesting tale about how even something
with such dark origins can be transformed into something beautiful – proving just how powerful love
can really be! It also serves as a reminder that no matter who we are or where we come from, we all
have our own stories to tell – and should never be judged on our pasts but instead celebrated for
who we are today!

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